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tv   ABC2 News at 6PM  ABC  May 14, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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to know about. we've got you covered. it was like you didn't run the shower on full blast today. it's been steady. then this stopped. now it's raining again. lock at the traffic. it's the beltway. we have hour windshield wipers going. let's check in with wyatt everhart. >> you want baltimore traffic to be worse. justed a rain. that's exactly what we're seeing. to the west quite a bet of rain. see this heavier band. some of this more moderate rain now hitting a classic jamup spot on the beltway where 40 and 70 come in to 695. man, that will be a big headache. more showers to the south. we're set for more rain. this is generally a good thing. we still need the rain.
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we'll take it. we'll continue to see it tonight and tomorrow. we'll talk about when the rain should be leaving maryland and what this looks like for preakness. >> when it comes to severe weather, the federal government has come up with an idea to keep you informed. a new program started today. it's a partnership between the government and wireless care requires to notify you of dang weathers and emergencies. the service is free and you don't have to sign up. you'll get a text on your phone if there's an emergency in your are a such as a tornado, hurricane, blizzard or any other disaster. this is frightening because weave -- wove a -- we've all been there stopped at a light. a woman was shot. brian kuebler explains where this happened. >> reporter: it was just before 3:00 saturday morning at east northern parkway in northeast
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baltimore. police say a young woman was waiting on this light in her car when an unknown vehicle pulled up along side and fired several shots hitting her in the upper chest and head. >> someone to pull up and shoot you like that. why. that's the question. why. >> that's the question danette well son wants answered. she lives at this corner, is racing her family. she needs to know why a shooting nearly in her front yard and who. >> this could be a case of mistaken identity or a targeted incident. >> reporter: the police really don't know which, not that either is easier to justify or solve. it happened so early in the morning there were no witness unless the community. the victim is in critical condition and cannot yet speak
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with detectives. >> we're hoping that her prognosis improves and we're able to ask her questions about where she was. at this point this looks to be a lot in the air. >> a lot in the air, including residents' nerves. >> it's a quiet neighborhood. people come home. a stray bullet would go inside someone's house. so just the idea that someone is shooting, yes, it is unnerving. >> unnerved boy how to happened -- by how it happened and not know hog decide it -- knowing who did it and why. >> the woman is still in stable but critical condition. the dundalk woman received money to buy a wheelchair ramp but last woke thieves stole the
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steel structure from the backyard before it could be assembled. metal thieves are thriving in hour community. now the police is devoted to tracking down illegal scrappers. >> the number of metal thefts trippled since tween. this is at a time when overall thefts have decreased by 7.4% and we have cases where single suspect is responsible. >> another big target is bge. they've already launched a new program to spray paint their copper wire green to better track when it's stolen. >> all right. you have just -- you try to get to work and the traffic makes you want to pull your hair out. construction has cause lad lot of delays. tonight there's some good news and all about it is roosevelt
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leftwich. >> reporter: they're not done and traffic is probably tied up now but the roadwork is about half done. that's the good stuff. the city said barring any unforeseen problems, the work could be done earlier than originally thought. >> reporter: the ground could have liquefied but for commuters it has been a pain, from six lanes to four. the city says the work has been slow but steady. >> right now we're completing grouting work to basically repair the roadway. we're about 50% complete. we're moving right along. this is all weather contingent. what has been good is the weather. this rain has allowed crews to get ahead of the game.
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120,000 cars dale -- daily, but the pipes couldn't wait longer. although they revised their target date, the city is urging folks to make sure they have alternative ways to go. >> jfx in the morning and the evening isn't as bad as we expect it to be but we would like people that continue to use them until the jfx is back to its normal lane opening. >> now if the weather stays good or a drizzle. barns said we could see things get back to the first week of june. if you're looking for alternative ways, you can always go to our website at for ways to get around it. >> as you can see, rosey as been up and down it several times. if you really want to pull your hair out, let's go to annapolis
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where lawmakers are back. they're trying to button up next year's budget. they couldn't reach an agreement. some of those proposed taxes would be in the form of an income tax. for those make over $100,000 and couples making over $150,000, the president mike miller said three have to compromise to make this work. >> not everyone have what they wanted. otherwise, it would finish on time last session. when you raise revenues you have great differences of opinions. the special session is expected to last today, tom and wednesday -- tomorrow and wednesday. you're looking at the ribbon cutting for mount auburn cemetery. it sits on annapolis road off russell. work to restore the historic cemetery, the boxing grate was
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bear rid down here. mount auburn was one of the first cemeteries owned by african-americans. a warning for parents. more children are being hurt by those tiny button batteries being found in household items. the number of er visits for children who have swallowed them have doubled over the last several years. there were 66,000 battery related er visits by kids under 18 here in our country between 1990 and 2009. coin sighed batteries can be found until items, remote controls, watches, electronics f swallowed, they could severely burn a child or kill a child in two hours. >> they're your car key opener,
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other little gadgets that you may entertain your kids with when you're answering the phone. >> one way is to make sure the child doesn't play with anything other than kid approved items. parents, we have another warning, a consumer alert. a new study finds hidden dangers about bolts and pacifiers and sippy cups to kids, more than 45,000 children were hurt in an accident involving one of the items. nearly 90% were caused by falls which left cuts and bruises on their mouth or face. >> have them sit at the table when they're thirst di or a -- thirty -- thirsty or with meals.
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>> help children make a transition to a regular cup at the age of about one. all right. you said "i do" but what do you do when someone else catches your high? is it cheating if you have permission? tonight at 11:00 we'll take a look at tuler in natives in relation -- alternatives in relationships. it's called monogomish. it's controversial but experts say it's happening behind doors. >> most people mr. say publicly, no, that's not what i'm interested. then others will spend emails saying they're trying it out. >> all right coming up at 11, if you're planning on taking a vacation soon, you have to see this story. find out why scammers are fooling you inside your hotel
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room. >> we'll reveal the top baby names. >> all right. check this out. 70 at bwi. 73 would be normal. 73 is what we guaranteed today. so no winner, unfortunately for you. take a look at this rain pattern. we've got way more precipitation headed our way. we'll talk about when the spun comes out -- sun comes out. it's at 6:00. ♪
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one of the great places to live. we're in ellicott city. you can see a little bit of rain
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that has fallen. wyatt will have the forecast. when you're traveling you want to stay in touch with family and friends. scammers know you want to stay connected, so they're using that toker that advantage. >> reporter: hotels can be your home away from home. when you need a life line, most keep you connected. internet service is standard and getting online is as easy as logging into the hotel system but scammers are getting into the middle as you try to make a connection. according to the internet crime complaint scammers are targeting people traveling abroad with pop-ups. the pop-up says the user needs to install an update for a well-known software product f you click accept and install it, you'll end up with destructive mal ware. that's why the fbi is warning
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people to be careful when logging on from cell phones, to update before you go on a trip. if you need a new program, use the vendor's web site to get it, not a pop-up. joce sterman, abc2 news. >> if you're hit with this cyber attack, the feds want to hear about it. you can find out more on our website, and click on the money tab at the top of our home page. the list for the most popular baby names for the year is out and no, cat nip and peta did not make the list. sophia is number one. isabella and emma, aubrey, mia, avery. as for the boys, jacob, mason and william are the most
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possible followed by jayden at number for. this is the first time since 194-2458 michael was not not to 20. take a look at this, quite a bit of rain. quite a bet of rain on the roads, wet weather conditions. out toward woodlawn, 795 north, we've got quite a bet of range. so up into york we'll find more rain. wise, light to moderate showers south of d.c. and on the eastern shore pick up light, almost
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drizzle. not a lot of wind to speak of. 66 as temperatures cool off. 90% humidity. it's possible we could see patchy fog with the amount of moisture that is in the air. take a lack at man chest -- look at manchester high. you can see rain on the lens, a couple of waves over the last hour or so. dundalk, a nice looking shot from ccbc but it was an ugly weather day. in bel air wet roads and always fun to drive in traffic, central and harford county. when you throw in the rain it gets more challenging. right now temperatures are in the mid-60s. 72 in east ton -- easton. winds light and variable. over 70% everywhere on the map. this is a large slow moving system. it was nice to see it hold off
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throughout hour mother's day weekend other -- our mother's day weekend. you can see this from boston all the way back through northern alabama and the birmingham area, a large slow moving system. we often see this. once we get into midway may and yiewn, the pattern starts to decelerate. dry conditions will be over us but that's going to take several more day's. we're talking toward thursday and friday before we see the sun back in force. how about the heaviest and steadiest? we think a lot will come through. it could be a very wet commute for you in the morning. plan for extra time. tomorrow afternoon looks like scattered showers and thunderstorms in the mix. could be another ugly day on the roads. by your wednesday looks like brief clearing but maybe one more round of showers with a secondary front coming in late
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day wednesday, so we really can't say the sky is clear until thursday, friday, saturday, which is perfect timing for the race weekend. rain off and on. your two-degree guarantee 75. rain showers, a few thunderstorms with a little more heat. tomorrow night down to 60 or so. seven-day forecast, this will time out fairly well. they clear out thursday into black eyed susan friday. right now things look good for the preakness. not bad weather for the people's party. >> people's party. tonight emily maynard stars on the bachelorette. the 26-year-old was selected by bachelor practiced womack. did you know that the single mom was engaged to nascar driver
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ricky hendrix. he died the day before she gave birth to their daughter rickey. >> this is a simple of two beautiful people, you and rickey and throughout this journey i will take care of this. >> the producers of the bachelorette said this season will be very different. she will film it in charlotte and the bachelor will be holding a casting call in baltimore. for details, including the top secret information, tune in to the bachelorette later on tonight. it's down to the final four with the "dancing with the stars." nfl star donald driver, katherine jenkins and she's in the top four. they all have a chance to be the week's next finals. we lost the disney star.
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we lost melissa gilbert from little house on the prairie. catch all the drama tonight on abc2 and the bachelorette premieres at 9:31. then followed by abc2 news straight up at 11:00. let's take upstraight -- you straight outside. ♪
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the bachelorette continues. new at 11, if you're a family, you're trying to save some money. how much can you save by cooking at home. abc2 is working for you. plus, you love her on abc's modern family. the drastic steps she's had to take. we campaign for wyatt to be on the bachelor. >> the bachelorette is what we're celebrating tonight. this is a whole different a bigt location, top location, when you can try out. it's a good night for tv watching. look at that rain f upand up dv
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ar -- dvring it tonight, a good neat to catch up. >> have a good one.
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